Disillusioned with seeing people scramble to represent companies and chase ambassadorships for companies that really don't even know those people, I decided I would go a different route. No ambassadorships, I would simply make my stuff available and with the proceeds try to help people reach their goals.

I would rather offer cool stuff to wear and support than to convince you that you are part of some club or fad just to get you to keep buying my stuff. 


What is a Rebel Runner?

    The whole idea behind this company was to skip worrying about being cool, how we look exercising or doing whatever sport we love, and doing what makes us happy.

    I struggle with weight but I love to run. Sometimes I run slowly, sometimes when the weight is off, I run fast but whatever the pace or distance, I enjoy running. I choose to rebel against what society says a runner should be or look like. 

      My son Andrew has been bullied because of how he looks. He's extremely skinny and does not look how the kids at school think he should, even though he is strong enough to migrate 53 miles at the age of 10. I rebel against what some of the "experts" told me I should let my kids run in regards to miles/distance. My son's Rocky, Drewco, and even Colt have all run ultra-distance (50k/31 miles) because they were told they shouldn't or couldn't, but they wanted to so they did. Together we can rebel against labels and be the best "we" can be. I'm here to support and inspire. I trust you are too!

That's what a Rebel Runner is.